What Is "Short Guy Energy" And Why Do People Say I Have It?

So this happened again last night. I said again because people I meet in person for the first time make this comment ALL the fucking time. "Wow, you're WAY taller than I thought you were". "I thought you were short". "I thought you were the same height as WSD". No god damn it. I am solid 6'1. Shoes off. Flat feet. At the doctors off. 73 inches. Throw skates on me and I on the roster a 6'3. Scouts would've been drooling over me at a roster height/weight of 6'3 210lbs. They weren't because, you know, I wasn't good, but in the program 

And the replies to this tweet have me shook

I've heard of Big Dick Energy. I've honestly never heard of short guy energy and it sounds like a) the worst thing anyone could say about you and b) like I have it. I mean how ofter are people on the internet wrong? Almost never. And...I was short. For a long time. I had early on-set Napoleon syndrome. On my first driver's license I was 5'2 and 125lbs. A little dough ball. Then I grew 10 inches in a year. I thought I had moved on from being a short guy, but apparently those formative years where girls would never talk to me encoded on to my DNA and personality. I don't know what to do about it. I want to reject it and go with these other plausible explainations


This seems like a quick fix. Just slide my head up to the top of the circle. Make it look like I am busting out of my own twitter profile. So tall that I can't be contained. 

I stand next to WSD all the time. Literally every day. If anything he is bringing me down, I think. 

Like this picture here is doing me no favors


We are sitting down but WSD looks a solid inch or two taller than me. I am doing the lean in. I am a BIG lean in guy. I don't have short guy energy. My real problem is fat face energy. Double chin energy. I am willing sacrifice overall height to make it seem like my BMI is in the healthy range.

and I've been doing it for years

All I know is that I need to get rid of this short guy stink because it is pervasive and is most likely ruining my life. Nobody wants to associate with short people. I don't. I have a quota of short people that I will be friends with and it is filled by WSD. I don't know how to get rid of my residual shortness and writing a blog about how I am actually not short is something a short guy would probably do. I am just stuck in a chinese finger trap mentally. Any way I pull I end up pegged as a short. A second class citizen. I can't have that. If you have tips to help me change my height narrative or even my entire personality I am all ears.