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Emperor Palpatine Lit Up The Australian Sky Last Night

Pretty fuckin insane clip here from down under where it appears Emperor Palpatine sent some of that UNLIMITED POWWWAAAAAHHHHHH into the night sky, lighting things up for the Aussies. 

We saw one of the more insane flash storms I've ever witnessed last Friday down in Miami, and although it brought down the Barstool Party (leaving Shooter McGavin helpless) and left a city in shambles for a bit, I don't think it had anything on this flurry of lightning. If I saw something like this in real life I'd assume the apocalypse was upon us and say my goodbyes to my loved ones. Basically, the same reaction I had when I watched my first Laminar Flow yesterday...

I mean - what in the FUCK is going on there? Have fun trying to figure out that one for the rest of the day.

h/t John Schiavone