"My Belief Is There's Not Going To Be A Transaction" - Rob Manfred Pretty Much Calling Steve Cohen's Purchase Of The Mets Dead

First of all, let me just send a message to December 4th Me for believing something as good as the Wilpons selling the team let alone a lifelong Mets fan worth BILLIONS more than the current richest owner in baseball that casually spends hundreds of millions of dollars on things like giant sharks and is a super-competitive maniac that would do whatever was necessary to win would ever happen to Mets fans:

Okay, much better. And by much better I mean not better at all because my soul has been ripped out of my body and tossed into a wood chipper now that it seems like the deal is as close to dead as it could be. Despite breaking the news that the deal was in danger a few days ago, I hoped and prayed that maybe it was all some sort of negotiating strategy be either side to get what they wanted. But based on Rob Manfred's quote, I think we can pretty much put the toe tag on the deal. But don't worry, it's not the Wilsons Wilpons' fault!

Take this comment with the smallest grain of salt ever considering MLB has been bending over backwards for the Wilpons for years while the Wilpons bend over millions of Mets fans every year

I didn’t get too high or low about another typically quiet Mets offseason because everything between now and Steve Cohen taking over was found money. Once Uncle Stevie was officially in the owner’s box, that’s when the Mets would be run like a real team again, ready to flex their big market muscles like the Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, etc. I even didn’t get too upset when the Mets had to fire their manager before he coached a fucking game for a scandal the Mets had nothing to do with or won a World Series off of because everything would be okay with Steve Cohen.

Instead, Mets fans get shit on once again, which is oddly a good thing since I think we are the only fanbase strong enough to handle this stuff. Make sure to call your Mets Fans Anonymous sponsor to get you through this difficult time. 

There are only three explanations to what just happened.

1. There is no God.

2. There is a God and he doesn’t give a fuck about baseball, so he has the Baseball Gods handle that shit. Those Baseball Gods loathe the Mets and their fans more than we previously thought, which was roughly at a 99/100 range.

3. The Wilpons are even more inept than we previously thought, which is saying something because I already view Jeff Wilpon as the most inept person on the planet even before him and his dad became lame duck owners for a team whose own fanbase treated their soon departure like the team won a World Series. In this scenario God doesn’t exist either because there is no way even the vengeful Old Testament God would allow Mets fans to suffer like this.

I’m still trying to figure out if I should be mad at Tiki Barber since there is a chance if he never leaks the news, we never learn about Stevie Cohen until the deal was much closer to being complete or maybe the deal happens and all the media pressure caused the Wilpons to sell. I do know that I am mad at Rob Manfred for allowing this circus to resume in Queens just like Bud Selig did. One thing is for an ownership group to be cheap. But to be inept as well is true next level shit. Between this Mets debacle and the previous two World Series champions losing their managers because of a cheating scandal, lets just say I'm not feeling too confident in the commissioner of baseball doing anything close to removing the Wilpons from power like Frank McCourt back in the day. 

I've heard countless Mets fans say we need to boycott, buy billboards, or do a protest. But for anything like that to work, it needs to be done correctly. In the meantime, all I can think of is turning is making Citi Field sound like Madison Square Garden with "Sell The Team" chants on game days and making your voice heard by MLB every other day by contacting them through the avenues below since any call to the Mets would be worthless since I'm sure everyone that works for the team hates the Wilpons even more than we do.


Yeah I know that the people handling these calls/emails are not to Rob Manfred. But it's better than angrily tweeting into a black hole until we can figure out what needs to be done to get the Wilpons out of our lives forever.

Speaking of tweeting into a black hole, I'm gonna plug this video one more time.

Obviously we'll have an Emergency We Gotta Believe episode coming up shortly (subscribe on iTunes or Spotify to get it as soon as it drops). I swear to God you cannot make up what the last two months have been like during the OFFSEASON.