3-Star WR Signs With Ole Mis....The Only Issue? Ole Miss Has No Idea Who He Is

At 2:17 PM yesterday, it appeared that 3-star WR Detraveon Brown had signed with Lane Kiffin's team in Oxford, Mississippi. A 3-star WR is nothing to celebrate about (unless you are Missouri), but it was a good get for Ole Miss nonetheless. At least that's what we thought.....then more information about Detraveon Brown came out. While looking at Ole Miss' official 2020 class, there was no mention of Detraveon:

Apparently, Ole Miss had pretty much never heard of him:

All signs pointed to this commitment being fake:

Maybe Detraveon planned to walk-on at Ole Miss and they just didn't know it yet? Or maybe he pulled a Kramer and planned to show up and hoped nobody would notice. 

The whole thing was embarrassing for Detraveon, however, it's not as bad as some prior fake commitments in the past. At least Detraveon had some form of an offer:

Never forget the player who completely made up that anybody was recruiting him: