Don't You Love When You Buy a Plane Ticket For a Row That Doesn't Exist On The Plane?

I do not understand many things and airlines are on the list. Overbooking a flight will never make any sense to me. The fact that you can book a trip months in advance, can show up to the gate way ahead of time, and still face the possibility of being bumped will never compute in my brain. That's insanity. 

Now we have airlines cooking up a new scheme: selling seats on planes that do not exist. ENTIRE ROWS! There were six people in this person's row that just bought fake seats on this plane. How can that possibly happen? What kind of society are we trying to run here? We're being bamboozled! Honestly if I realized my row didn't exist my mind would immediately shift to thinking I was in the Twilight Zone or some Platform 9 3/4 bullshit. Something cool was definitely coming my way. Snap back to reality and you're just on a plane that doesn't know how to sell seats correctly. These people should be allowed to sue for everything. Full ownership of the airline. Unlimited airfare for life. Milk the shit out of it.

Unfortunately for these folks there was enough room on the plane (by chance) that they could fine everyone a seat. That's just plain dumb luck by the airline. These passengers were 100% in line for a helluva lawsuit (I have no idea if they were but it makes sense in my brain).

I'd eventually realize this plane goes from row 9 to row 11 and immediately ask to leave the aircraft. I've seen enough shows and movies to connect the dots. No thanks. I'll just get on the next flight.