I'm Furious With The Readers of this Site

I'm fucking pissed. Normally, I don't do this. In fact, I've worked here for a while and I have never done this. When we blog a subject, we let the chips fall where they may. Some blogs do great. Some blogs do poorly but that's the way it goes in this business. Sometimes the mistake is on the blogger. The headline matters. The picture matters. Everything has to melt into one in order to get a truly clickable blog. That being said, earlier this morning I knocked a blog outta the park, folks. It wasn't my writing that did the blog justice. It was the subject matter itself. 

No. I'm not talking about the Patrick Mahomes blog where he walks into a concert and is greeted with cheers. I'm talking about the trombone blog. The artistry of the music moved me, my friends. But what did you all do? Did you click it? No. It just sat there like a fucking bump on the log because it was about a marching band player. Fucking disgusting. The trombone soloist deserves more than that. I went over the tape and read the blog again. It was a perfectly fine blog. There were ups and downs but overall, you all just didn't care and that's disappointing. You didnt trust me that I would deliver to you something that was entertaining and enjoyable. I realize that I haven't been blogging as much as in months past but I think I should still have your trust on something like this. This relationship from blogger to the reader is about you trusting me to guide you to the internet goodness. This morning, I offered you a drink and you sat there with dry lips. Delight in my wetness, oh dear reader! Suck down my written content like the cool waters that spring up from the hills of the Appalachians! 

The Patrick Mahomes blog shot up the "hot" scale right away. People were clicking on that bad boy left and right. Truth be known, I don't care about Patrick Mahomes walking into a fucking concert. No one does. They shouldn't. They should care about the trombone solo though. Will they? Maybe. Maybe not. I'm gonna give you another chance to read this fucking blog and then I'm gonna put it to bed and record Zero Blog 30 with Kate. I just hope this doesn't sour my mood for the recording. Wouldnt you just feel fucking terrible about that?

Here's your chance, you son of a bitch. 

Sorry for cursing. I love you.