EVERYONE REMAIN CALM: Coach Cal Ain't Leaving, Despite Rumors Starting 1 Minute After The Knicks Hired World Wide Wes

We know what the deal is here. The Knicks hired Leon Rose and World Wide Wes. It's awesome, it's a win because it's not the worst case scenario for the Knicks. When you get above worst case scenario, it's a win for us Knicks fans. Clem had us covered on the details here: 

But naturally, because it's World Wide Wes and because he's John Calipari not even one minute after this was announced we started getting Cal to the Knicks rumors. Just put 'Calipari, Knicks' or 'Coach Cal, Knicks' into a Twitter search and see what pops up. A lot of this: 

It's not shocking. Every year we get a Coach Cal to the NBA rumor. Every year there's some sort of connection - typically with a former player who is looking for a new coach that he's interested in jumping back to the NBA. Shit, just a couple years ago we had the Cal to the Knicks rumors: 

I need everybody to relax. I'm a Knicks fan. Would Cal be awesome there? Absolutely. But you know what I love more? Kentucky. You know who loves Kentucky? The guy who just last year signed a lifetime contract. 


He ain't going to the Knicks. OldTakesExpose me, whatever. He's a Kentucky guy for life. There's a reason he's back on the recruiting trail and bringing in top-5 guys again, something that he's missed out on the last couple of years. There's a reason he has his best recruiting class in 3 years coming in next year. It's because everyone out there knows he's not leaving. Wes can't even make him join James Dolan. 

Why would he? He's a legend at Kentucky. He can do whatever he wants. He has a home there. He's the PERFECT fit for the Commonwealth. The job is different than most. You have to deal with the fanbase. You have to handle everything that comes with it. Lexington is a small city and Kentucky is a small state. You are the show of the state.

So in the words of Leo as Jordan Belfort. 

Time to go get title number 9.