Patrick Mahomes Walked In A Post Malone Concert In Kansas City Last Night And The Place Exploded

I cant even imagine what that must feel like. Just a few minutes ago I was talking about how I'll never be as cool as a trombone player. If that's the case, Patrick Mahomes is so far outta my league that he might as well be Rosie O, Madonna, or Tom Hanks because folks, he's in a League of His Own. Get it? The movie about women baseball players from the WWII era?

Anyway, winning in Kansas City would be fantastic. It's better than being Rodger in Green Bay because they had Farve too. It's better being Dak in Dallas because of Troy. It's better than being Big Ben in Pittsburg because they had Terry. Kansas City is a place that lives, eats, and breathes football and now Patrick Mahomes is the chosen son. What a life this dude is about to lead and that's before he even signs what will be an earth-shattering contract. This is Pat's world and we are just living in it.