Fan Creates 22 Minute YouTube Showing How The NFL Orchestrated The Entire 2019-20 Season To Make Patrick Mahomes The Face of the League

Proof NFL Rigged Super Bowl 54 all along! The NFL's agenda was clear from the beginning of the season. Make the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Bowl LIV Champions, and make Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl MVP! The new face of the NFL.Master At Work

Big NFL struck fast trying to bury the truth — just click through to watch this on YouTube.

Not all of you have spent every minute of the past decade living on the internet instead of the real world, so let me teach you about a rule that us bloggers learn early on in the process: when a YouTube video starts with "PROOF!", what you are about to watch is 100% proof. Absolute stone cold fact. It's actually written in the bylaws of the site, nothing posted is allowed to be a lie. If the internet says so, it's true.

Which is concerning for the NFL considering this guy @MasterAtWork just created a 22 minute video detailing the entire 2019-2020 season and exposed the plot to hand the Chiefs the Super Bowl trophy and make Patrick Mahomes the face of the league. 

The NFL may be stupid, but they're not stupid. They know this CTE stuff isn't going away. They know that — maybe not immediately, maybe not in the next few years, but someday — the bottom line is going to take a hit. They know Brady is on his way out, that the evil empire dynasty that binds the league together may not last much longer. 

Nothing kills a business like the NFL quicker than apathy. Heroes and villains, that's what puts asses in the seats and eyes on the screen. 

They used 2019-2020 to create the new hero. 

But watch the video yourself. Make your own decision. Let me just ask you...has an NFL ref EVER missed a holding call before?

And I'd love to see someone explain THIS to me.


Whether the account that made this is serious or satire, I really can't tell. That's why I didn't make fun of him at all. But give a quick scroll through the YouTube comments for a peek at how many of your fellow human beings genuinely believe an entire NFL season was orchestrated and every result determined for 1 player to win a trophy.