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The Social Media Slave Who Tweeted The US Airways Plane Picture Won't Be Fired



CNN – The US Airways employee responsible for sending out a pornographic tweet Monday will not be fired, the company said, because it was a mistake. A link to a pornographic image was included in a tweet from US Airways when replying to a customer who was complaining about the airline’s service on Twitter. The link should have led to a web page where customers can submit complaints. Instead the link led to a lewd image that was initially posted in a tweet sent to US Airways from another Twitter user. US Airways flagged that tweet as inappropriate, but the employee then inadvertently included a link to the image in a US Airways tweet. “It was an honest mistake and it was done while capturing the tweet and flagging it as inappropriate, our standard procedure,” said Matt Miller, a spokesman for US Airways’ parent company American Airlines Group (AAL). The employee, who is someone tasked with tweeting from the US Airways Twitter (TWTR) handle, won’t be punished. But the airline is reviewing its processes to prevent a similar thing from happening in the future, Miller said.

As the old mantra goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. And I suppose it’s true no matter what. Because if we’re being honest, I haven’t stopped thinking about US Airways for a week now. The image of the plane 19 rows deep into that girl’s cooter is permanently engrained in my mind. I look up, it’s there. Pretty sure it was painted onto my eyeballs on Monday. Saw it EVERYWHERE. So perhaps this was all planned by US Airways to get us talking about them again? It’s all Southwest and JetBlue these days. They needed to do something to spice it up. Wouldn’t shock me if the CEO himself sent that tweet. Because not firing someone because “it was a mistake” is a load of cow poop. That’s the reason people get fired. Mistakes. And it’s not like this social media person accidentally told someone a flight lands at 12 when it lands at 12:30. She tweeted the most absurd picture possible. How can that possibly ever be a mistake? That doesn’t happen. It’s impossible to make that mistake. So if it really was a “mistake” (100% chance it wasn’t) and not “absolutely on purpose to get their name back in the news”, then they have the most lenient firing policy of all time. Which kinda isn’t what I want from a company whose main business is flying me in a tube through the sky at a million miles an hour.

PS: What if the person did it on purpose, trying to get fired? That would make my life. Tried their hardest to get fired, and still couldn’t do it. What a shitty day that must have been.