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The Bar Of Excellence For Halftime Shows Has Been Set By This Freaky Athletic Dog

Hand up, I missed this live. I had on the Wake/Louisville and Seton Hall/Georgetown game instead at the time. I'm pretty upset about it because look at this good boy. Just hopping around on two feet and then showing off elite athleticism. I always wonder how they train a dog to do something like this. My big dumb beautiful lab can sit, shake and high five, but that's just for food. But what's the process here? How long does it take to teach a dog to do the high jump? Did the good boy get better hops as he trained more? All I know is this dog shoves that overrated bum Red Panda in a locker. 

The other thing I know is Vanderbilt needs this dog at every home game now. Why? Because they finally snapped a 26-game SEC losing streak. 


That's a massive loss by LSU too. Not that they are in fear of missing the NCAA Tournament or anything like that, but it opens up the SEC race. They had a 2-game lead over Auburn and Kentucky. That lead is now down to 1 with LSU playing both teams in the next 4 games. Hell, they have to go to Auburn on Saturday, we could be looking at a 3-team tie for first in a few days. Also giving up 99 points to Vandy? Yikes. That's just that lucky jumping dog I guess. 

They've come a long way from a few weeks ago: