'Even If It Was A Rivalry, I Didn't Give A Fuck. I Wanted To Play There And Live In The Bay' - Kevin Durant, Explaining Why He Left OKC

We all know the story. The Thunder blew the series against the Warriors, the Warriors blew the Finals against the Cavs and apparently a phone call was made from Draymond to Durant in the parking lot. However, this is the first time I can really remember Durant coming out and speaking up about how it didn't matter. I truly believe that he didn't give a shit if they won or lost, he was out, because of this clip: 

You can tell he's still pissed about the Thunder decision to getting rid of James Harden just because of money. I still can't believe that happened, looking back on it all. Breaking up your team, full of young stars because you were a relatively cheap franchise at the time is something. To me that was always the real reason Durant was going to leave OKC. It didn't matter that Klay did this: 

Was it a weak move? Absolutely. But at the same time he was a free agent, so he did whatever the fuck he wanted. I don't blame him necessarily. He wanted to go win a title and the Warriors could pay him. Plus, like he said he wanted to live in the Bay. That's 100x better than living in Oklahoma City. I'll give Durant credit for this too. He truly doesn't give a fuck about what you tell him he should do. He'll respond on Twitter, but he's still going to do what he wants - like joining the Warriors. 

I'm sure it will come out in 20 years or so, but I do want a true tell-all about this Oklahoma City group. I want to know exactly how pissed off they were with the Harden move. I want to know the true backstory of Russ and Durant. They are one of the more fascinating stories to me in recent memory in the NBA. It's rare that we see this true group of young guys, all drafted to the same team, growing up together and turning into this potential dynasty.