This Young Hawks Fan Giving High Fives Is A Great Reminder Of What Is Really Important In Life

That's what we call an adorable must watch. Just cute as hell. Little gestures can go a long way. My man is like 3 years old and this video is going to live with him forever. Just so much pure happiness and excitement. It's inspiring. We get dragged down by every day life- bills, taxes, responsibilities, etc, but we were all once this little fella, living the dream of high-fiving our heroes. Just a nice reminder to never lose your dinosaur. It's so easy for life to get overwhelming and you forget to be on both sides of this video- be selfless and kind when you don't need to be, and never forget to appreciate the small things in life that make you happy. We don't have long on this planet, make the most of it my friends. Just look how happy you can make someone 

Adorable must watch, indeed.