Bridgewater State University (My Alma Mater) is Positively Ruthless on the Social Medias

OK, so maybe I didn't go to Michigan like Dave Portnoy. Or Notre Dame like Large. Perhaps those options weren't in play for me. So I commuted to school. Two years at Community college and a Bachelor's from Bridgewater State University. 

And sure, admittedly, back then it didn't have the academic standards it has now. I seem to recall that, in order to get in, you had to know whether the door was Push or Pull. My biggest academic challenge on a given day was finding a parking spot that was closer to the school than my actual house. And today, maybe BSU doesn't have the kind of guest speakers the more famous schools get. So they'll book a brilliant, swarthy, handsome blogger with massive amounts of sex appeal to give the annual address to their faculty, like they did last Spring.

But by God, does BSU play at BCS/Final Four levels when they get clapped at on social media. Suggest, say the female students are less than attractive, and these Bears will rip the flesh from your bones.

Holy moly. Down goes Frazier! And the referee ... stops the contest!!! We're No. 1 in all the national polls when it comes to droll, passive/aggressiveness. Not since DiCaprio in "The Revenant" has there been a Bear attack this vicious. We might not be the most expensive school, the most prestigious, have the best athletics or (if we're being honest) the best at launching you into success at your chosen field. But as sure as I was mediocre student who never dated a coed, we protect our own. It was a humble, unexceptional academic career for this guy, to be sure. But at moments like this, I feel like my alma mater just won the National Title.

I might just have to head down to the dives on Rte 18 near Bridgewater town center and hoist a pint to celebrate. #BearsPride