Tennessee Signee Malachi Wideman Is a FREAK Athlete

Holy hell. Malachi Wideman might be the best athlete I've ever seen.

I intentionally ignore recruiting 363 days a year, but on Signing Day in December and February, I'm all in. I had no idea who this kid was a couple hours ago, but now I could not be more excited about him if I tried.

Look at this. What even is this? There is no reason to do a sideways flip over a row of people — at the beginning of a dunk in a dunk contest, it appears — other than the simple fact that he can. 

I have no idea whatsoever how good this kid is at football or basketball, but I know he's a freak of nature and I'll take that and figure out if he can play later.

And the best part is it appears he's going to play both football and basketball at Tennessee. Rick Barnes has proven with Yves Pons that he can take a very raw freak athlete and teach him how to play basketball.

I don't remember the last time there was a player who was very effective in playing both football and basketball at a Power Five school, but based off the one video I've seen, I have no doubt this kid can do it.

Jeremy Pruitt has done it again, folks. Go Vols.