The Sixers Locker Room Is An Absolute Shit Show Right Now

It's February 5th. These guys shouldn't still be trying to fit in. These guys shouldn't still be trying to figure out how to play with each other. I know there have been some injuries and everything but this is exactly what Sixers fans have been worried about since this team was first assembled. Nobody had any idea how a team built this big without any shooting or spacing was going to figure it out, but Brett Brown and Elton Brand just continued to act like they are smarter than everybody else out there. They kept trying to act like they had it all under control and that they'd find a way to make it work. 

And now here we are on February 5th. We've got "stuff going on in the locker room" and Joel Embiid, the face of this organization, still trying to fit in. 

I know that the Horford quote had been taken out of context a little bit and sensationalized. But still. This team is a disaster. This team clearly isn't having any fun right now and they don't have the guys who are able to look at themselves in the mirror and think that maybe they are a part of the problem. It's more of a character issue with this team than a basketball one, and that extends beyond the players. Goddamn does this team make it easy to hate them sometimes.