Here's An Open Invite For Justin Bieber To Join The Barstool Hockey Team At The Pond Hockey Tournament

I've always viewed myself as a Charlie Conway type of guy in the sense that I make a better coach than a player. So remember that time when Charlie Conway sacrificed his own spot on Team USA to let Russ Tyler play in the gold medal game against Iceland? Well now it's my turn. 

This is now an open invitation for Justin Bieber to take my spot on the roster and dangle the nuts off of everyone at the Barstool Pond Hockey Tournament. It seems like every day the kid is putting out a video showing off his pair of mitts that would fetch a fortune on the Silk Road. The same way that Crosby grew up firing about a billion clappers into the family dryer in the basement, Bieber is out here tirelessly working on his craft. He's the CEO of the Sauce Factory and sometimes some tough decisions need to be made if you want to win a ring. One of those decisions is to hand my sweater over to the Biebs. That's just the type of teammate I am. 

P.S. - Part of Binnington has to be at least a little worried about this, no? I legitimately think that Bieber might just be the perfect balance of almost half decent but also extremely shitty to completely throw Binnington off. I'm not expecting him to go full Datsyuk here but maybe getting lucky and sneaking a few right under the blocker? I can see it.