Eagles End Their OC Search By Not Selecting An OC...Wait, What?

BGN - The Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive coordinator search has ended without the team formally hiring one. ESPN’s Tim McManus reports the Eagles will not be utilizing the OC title for Doug Pederson’s coaching staff in 2020. Instead, the Eagles’ OC duties will seemingly be split between newly promoted passing game coordinator/quarterbacks coach Press Taylor and running game coordinator/offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland.

Hmmm.  That's a bold move, Doug.  Let's see how that works out for ya.  

Now on the surface this seems like a quizzical play, but it's actually becoming quite common around the league.  You know who else is opting for a HC calling the plays with no OC and rather passing and running coordinators?  Oh, just the SF 49ers.  Not too shabby of an offense they got over there.  Also, Sean McVay has a similar system.  So it can work - HOWEVER - Doug seemed to be the best version of Doug when he had an ample amount of highly trained experience around him with Franck Reich at OC and John DeFilppo as QB coach.  We shall see if this is actually the correct move or if it's the Eagles thinking they're smarter than they actually are (holy flashback to moving OL coach Juan Castillo to DC). 

The biggest thing this move shows is there's only one person to credit and only one person to blame for everything that happens with this offense, and that's Doug Pederson.  So we'll continue to live by his balls and die by his balls, for better or worse.  Hopefully the better.   Need to get back to them glory hole years.


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