I Need Dustin Byfuglien Back On The Hawks Like I Need Air To Breathe

(31 Thoughts)--Byfuglien has yet to resume skating, so it is extremely unlikely he returns this season. But, if he has any desire to play in the future, there’s going to be interest. There are obvious connections in Chicago (old organization), Florida (old coach) and Vegas (Kelly McCrimmon ran Brandon, where Byfuglien began his WHL career). Even teams without such clear relationships would wish to talk to him, too. There was a time during this process when the Jets wanted him to return with them, but the relationship soured as this continued. He’s a unique personality — I say that with respect — and there’s no certainty about what he’ll do.

And there it is. One little sentence. One little nugget of information. A nugget that in order to get excited you have to ignore the proceeding sentence. Don't carrrrreeeeee. BRING BACK BUFF. Everytime someone on twitter asked me about this possibility I dismissed them. More than that I scoffed at them. In my head I called them stupid. I don't understand the situation. How bad can Winnipeg possibily be if Buff is willing to forfeit $7.5M to play for less somewhere else? Then I typed in "Winnipeg skyline" into getty images and this was the first thing that came up

Actually the first thing comes up is a picture of a dairy cow. No joke. Winnipeg is so bad that the first result is a cow. The second result is a city that looks like a colder Schaumberg. I suppose it is possible he just wanted out so badly. 

Now, if Byfuglien hasn't been skating like Friedman said, then there's a great chance that Buff looks like this

Or if he's been working out a little then maybe he's just a slight titty boy

As a fellow titty boy, this is definitely just a bad angle, but the point remains. Buff probably isn't going to be in tip top shape. That's okay. Here is all that Buff needs to be...under 300lbs and a 3rd pair defenseman. That's it. Just be an upgrade over Slater Koekkoek. Give me 15 minutes per night and maybe 5 seconds of highlights and that is it. I know it's unlikely. I know I am going to be disappointed when it doesn't happen, but he is exactly what the Hawks need. A right shot dman with some experience and PP value. Then who knows...maybe they flip Dustafsson for a steadier defensive defenseman and away we go. Think of the gifs, think of the hits, the bombs, fights, ragdolling people. I need it. He never should've left. Tag me, tag the Hawks. Hit them with #BringBackBuff