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Quick Update About The King Phillip Lunch Lady Who Threatened To Shoot Up The School....She Was Mad That A Fellow Lunchlady Rebaked Her Cookies. Wait What?



NORFOLK, Mass. ( — A cafeteria cook at King Philip Middle School is facing charges amid allegations that she threatened to shoot up the school over a batch of cookies. According to a police report, Norfolk police were contacted by the assistant superintendent of King Philip Schools just after 3 p.m. about alleged threats made by the school’s head cook. Witnesses told police Ferris entered the cafeteria manager’s office looking for a band-aid in an “uproar” at about 2 p.m. Ferris was reportedly “going off” about a co-worker re-baking cookies that she made. The manager said Ferris told her she needed to find another cook because evidently she did not know how to do her job or how to cook. Ferris is quoted in the report as saying, “I’m thinking about going out to buy an AK-47 and shooting this (expletive) school up!” The manager said Ferris exited the office mumbling profanities after she told her she did not say that and it was a threat. Another cafeteria worker also told police Ferris made similar threats earlier in the day. The worker alleged Ferris said she had a list and another school employee was on the top of it after the employee did not say hello to her. The worker further alleged Ferris said she could “bring a gun in and shoot people.” Police said the worker did not take Ferris seriously and laughed it off. The worker and cafeteria manager decided to notify the school’s food service director after they discussed their interactions with Ferris.

I had to do this quick update to the story Feitleberg just wrote.  Some new evidence has come forward shedding new light on this incident.  This wasn’t just a run of the mill incident with bratty kids complaining about Sloppy Joes. Oh no. This was far more devious. A fellow lunch lady rebaked this ladies cookies. I’ve never even heard of that move before, but I know this much. I’d rather somebody sleep with my significant other than rebake cookies on my ass. Just such a slap in the face. You literally can’t exert your dominance over another human more than by rebaking food they already made. Diabolical really. So yeah you better believe she threatened to shoot up the school. Sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures. Can’t just let people be rebaking your cookies in your face. Instant credibility killer.