My Instagram Experience Is Ruined And It’s The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me

As you can see, that video is from some stupid-ass electronics Instagram account. It's one of the many incredibly useless videos that are currently being curated for me by Instagram. Let me explain how this happened. 

Occasionally, I will fall deep into a pit of watching mindless videos on Instagram. I'll see a log getting split by some large piece of farming equipment so I'll watch that video. Who wouldn't? That video leads to someone building a brick wall in an interesting way so I'll watch that one too. Next up, a factory in Russia that is smashing a piece of molten hot lava metal with a large hydraulic press of some sort. Next thing you know, I've been looking at that type of video for two hours on a Monday night and I'm making plans to start becoming a blacksmith. I have no smithing skills whatsoever, but I also have an unbridled-confidence that I can forge a sword from a pile of aluminum cans and a few nails. 

Well, I couldn't sleep after the Super Bowl on Sunday so I laid on my side and watched hours and hours over "interesting videos." I probably stayed up until like 3 in the morning. I was stone-cold sober but enraptured by these mechanical and engineering marvels. It is truly amazing what the human mind can do. 

Instagram's discover page works through an algorithm. For example, if you watch golf training videos, you get golf videos on your discover page. If you watch football highlights, you get more and so on and so on. I watched so many hours of these types of videos that I'm not sure if my Instagram account will ever be the same. I want to go back in and change some setting but then I find another video that I need to watch. Right before I started writing this blog, I saw that video above. What is the purpose of this device? Does it do anything? Does it play music? I dunno and I will never find out. I watched it probably 15 times. I think it just spins fast and uses some sort of science that I don't understand which is incredible. I love it. Spin, CDs! Spin! Faster! Faster! I LOVE IT!

My ultimate favorite type of these sorts of videos are the videos where the fellas build pools in the middle of the jungle with basically their hands and hallowed out bamboo shoots. I don't get how they do it but I could watch them do it for the next 20 years and not get bored. It's fascinating. 

That being said, I would like to see more dog videos on my Instagram account again. I miss those. For now, I'm a mechanical-engineering-scientist-electrician-jungle pool-builder on Instagram and there's nothing you or I can do about it. It's just simply the way it is. Anyways, here's a jungle pool video for you.