Gary Williams Called Out Coach K For Being A Blatant Liar About The Cameron Crazies

[Source] - "We played Duke 50 times, a couple were in the ACC Tournament, so say we played 23 games there at Cameron [Indoor Stadium]. My name got used ... 'Sweat Gary, Sweat,' was the nicest thing they said. Let's put it that way. So that wasn't quite true what Coach k said about, 'We don't do that here.'

I'm old, but when we had [Greivis] Vasquez down there his sophomore year, they had those dirt sheets, they call them or whatever, they had it in Spanish. [They were] yelling at him in the shootaround at 7 o'clock for an 8 o'clock game. I said, 'Greivis, what are they saying?' Greivis said, 'You don't want to know.'

And this is exactly why Maryland doesn't belong in the Big 10. They belong in the ACC playing Duke every year, which was one of the more heated rivalries despite Duke fans not claiming it in a rivalry. These fanbases fucking hated each other in the 90s and 2000s. Maryland fans famously chanted at JJ Redick, Cameron Crazies famously got into it with Greivis. 

Now I fucking hated Gary Williams. I hate Coach K. I hate Duke. I hate Maryland. So it's a real unbiased view here. Gary Williams is 100% correct. Coach K is a blatant liar here. He overreacted on the Cameron Crazies for chanting 'Jeff Capel, sit with us' because Capel is his boy. 

Everyone knew he overreacted besides a handful of Duke fans who got scared by their dad yelling at them for the first time in their lives. But why the hell would K lie here? Well, K always lies. He got caught lying on camera. 

Good on Gary Williams for calling out the bullshit. And yeah, Gary sweated. Gary sweated a lot. Sweat Gary Sweat is a decent chant. I don't hate that one bit. I just love guys like Gary calling K out for being a fraud. Give me more of this please.