The Philadelphia Eagles Have Created The First Offensive Coordinator Who Can't Get Fired Simply By Not Hiring An Offensive Coordinator

Just some big time galaxy brain decisions going down at the NovaCare Complex today. 

I think we can all agree that the Eagles offense has been some premium shit since the Super Bowl. Whether it was Mike Groh being completely incompetent and under-qualified for the job, the receivers being total dog shit and not being able to catch a common cold, or even sometimes (though very rarely) the quarterback having some rough moments. I'd say the offense sucking ass has about 95% to do with Mike Groh and the receivers, but I'm willing to admit that Carson could certainly be better at times. 

So what do the Eagles go out there and do this offseason to turn things back around and get them on track to being contenders again? Well they just say fuck it and that they're not going to hire an offensive coordinator this year. It's genius, Lloyd. Sheer genius. You can't have a guy consistently shitting his pants with the playcalling each week if you just don't hire an OC. I mean what other options could the Eagles possibly have? Go out and try to hire the best brain available for the job? For sure not. That would be too simple. That would be too basic. That would make too much sense. 

What you need to realize is that sometimes doing the thing that makes most sense really doesn't make sense because this is Philadelphia and at some point, it's all going to go to shit anyway. So why not shake things up a bit? Why not create a structure that is bound to cause a ton of internal conflict amongst the coaching staff at some point? It's just so crazy that it might actually work. And at the very least, they don't have to fire another OC next offseason. 

Go Birds. 

Sidenote: Now it makes sense why Orlovsky is always gassing up Carson so much. He's had his eyes set on this job.