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Is The Big Bang Theory A Funny Show Or Does Kaley Cuoco Just Have Us All By The Balls?

Kaley Cuoco - Esquire-06-1

So last night I tweeted this:


The truth is I watch that show because it’s funny.  At least I think it is.  Responses to that tweet ranged from “Dude I’m the same way.  She’s a smoke.” to “You’re a huge fucking loser for liking that show”.  Whatever dude.  I’ll admit it, I like The Big Bang Theory.  It makes me laugh and if that makes me a loser, so be it.  If I think something is funny, I’m going to laugh.  Doesn’t matter if other people think it’s lame.  But the more I thought about it I wasn’t sure if I like the show because it’s actually funny or because Kaley Cuoco’s tits have some spell over me that make me think the show is funny.  She’s constantly walking around half naked looking like her boobs are going to come out of the screen.  It’s great.  Up until this point I thought they were just an outside benefit of watching the show.  Ya know, go for the boobs but stay for the laughs type of thing.  Now I’m not so sure.  The whole thing is a total mind fuck the more I think about it.  Like when you’re talking to a hot chick at the bar you’ll laugh at everything she says even if it’s not funny (and it never is).  But you laugh because she’s hot and you think there’s a .00000001% chance she’ll sleep with you.  I think that might be what’s going on with me and the show but I have no idea.  My brain hurts.  I can’t be alone in having this internal struggle, right?

I need a ruling on this.  Let’s take it to a vote.

Vote 1 for It’s Actually A Funny Show and Vote 10 for Kaley Cuoco Boobs Are The  Only Reason To Watch

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