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Antonio's Pizza Is Coming To Boston....Yawn

adfda - Antonio’s Pizza, long a favorite of Amherst-area college students for its eclectic slices of pizza, is coming east. The pizza company announced it is opening new locations in Boston, Worcester, and Lowell in a post on its Facebook page. Antonio’s, which has a flagship location in downtown Amherst, has long been a favorite of college students in the area for its late hours and unique pizza-by-the-slice offerings. Out-of-the ordinary flavors like Black Bean Avocado Quesadilla and Honey Mustard Chicken are common on Antonio’s menu.


OVERRATED, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP….OVERRATED CLAP, CLAP, CLAP. Seriously of all the pizza places on the planet Antonios may be the most derisive. Umass kids LOVE it. They swear by it. It’s all I heard about for like a decade. So a couple years ago  I went out of my way to try it. I’m talking drove for hours in the dead of night.  No I didn’t do it for the cameras or the limelight. I did it because I take my pizza seriously. Like any pizza that gets so much hype I need in my belly. Well needless to say I thought it was one of the most over rated pizza joints in the country. The Peyton Manning of pizza if you will. That’s right I said it.

Now the common excuse I hear from Umass kids when I bash Antonios is they claim it’s because I got cheese slices instead of some fancy hippy slice which I guess is what they are known for. But here is the thing. When you judge pizza you judge it on the cheese. That’s the gold medal slice. That’s the slice that all other slices are judged by. Therefore don’t give me the “you can’t judge it by cheese” argument. That’s nonsense. Cheese is the only way to judge pizza and Antonio’s was a C.  Listen I’m sure it’s great when you’re drunk just like all pizza is, but it’s gonna have to be much better than that to survive in the big city. This ain’t the sticks anymore. This is Boston.