Some Sleuths Figured Out Which Rings Belichick Wore to Flex on the World at the Super Bowl

This is one of those moments where credit it due. When someone is able to find something you overlooked. Like that scene in every police procedural drama when the people in the lab coats and the microscopes find a fiber sample or a jizz stain the detective in charge of the crime scene missed. The guys at The Sports Hub website have been doing some internet sleuthing and may have solved the mystery of which of Bill Belichick's VIII Rings he was wearing when he big-timed everyone at the Super Bowl pregame. 

Source - On his right ring finger is ostensibly the ring that the Patriots received from Super Bowl LIII, which they won 13-3 over the Los Angeles Rams a year ago. Designed by Jostens, the ring stands as the largest ever created for a Super Bowl champion. On average, it weighs 8.25 carats in diamonds and another 1.6 carats in sapphire. The rings feature an average of about 416 round diamonds each. 

On Belichick's left ring finger appears to be the ring from the Giants' 1987 win in Super Bowl XXI, Belichick's first as their defensive coordinator. It's identifiable by the large Lombardi Trophy against a blue background. ...

As for the third ring? It's a lot harder to discern than the other two. But by process of elimination, It's not a Patriots ring because of the heavy gold tint. It's likely Belichick's other Super Bowl ring with the Giants, from Super Bowl XXV in 1991. When Belichick flips his hands around, you can get a quick look at the front of the ring, which features two football-shaped diamonds. 

That's some mighty fine detective work, boys.


As far as Belichick's choices, you have to respect the care and thoughtful planning that went into it. I mean, it's not like he just reached into the secret wall safe he keeps behind the painting of Ted Marchibroda and pulled out rings at random. For starters, he's only got eight fingers. And if he filled them all with hardware, he'd have been weighted down. He would've had to cart himself on and off the field in a Rascal scooter, the way Earl Campbell did after his thousand surgeries. So he had to choose just a few. And to choose wisely, for maximum effect. To send just the right message to the crowd that was guaranteed to boo him and a nation of haters.

So where did he begin? With Super Bowl's XXI and LIII. The first and the most recent. The Alpha and (for now) Omega of his collection. The one from 1986 and the one from 2018 that shouted to the world "I've been winning these games for 32 years, bitches." Just throwing two big, neon brackets around his unequaled successes to remind the human race why he is here on Earth and why they're booing him. As far as the other Giants one, that was probably just for safety and security reasons. It's hard to keep track of three rings. Especially in all the chaos of a Super Bowl and all the NFL 100 festivities. So you bring the one you can most afford to lose, like when you wear a shitty jacket to a club in case it gets lost or stolen. Then you're not out anything. Smart thinking there by the man who never stops planning for every contingency. 

Regardless of his choices, whether he wore all eight rings or just 37.5% of them the way he did, or if he chose different ones entirely, the message was the same. 

Message received. Loud and clear. #KisstheRings