Who Would Steal From Yogi Berra?



PostThieves took off with irreplaceable memorabilia from The Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center Wednesday morning, sources told The Post.

The “professional” burglars may have broke in through Yogi Berra Stadium, which is connected to the museum and houses the minor league team, New Jersey Jackals, on Montclair University’s campus.

The museum, which opened in 1998, features various exhibits dedicated to the Yankees legend, who played catcher for the team from the late 1940s to early 1960s.

An official from the museum declined to comment amid the ongoing investigation, but a banner on their website said, “Museum closed temporarily. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Real scumbag stuff going on here. First of all, who the fuck steals from Yogi Berra? The man is a national treasure, not just for what he did on the field, but for all the funny shit he said through the years. He gave every regular dude hope that they could accomplish a ton, because Yogi was never projected to be a big leaguer, forget MVP.

They aren’t saying what was taken yet, but what do you do with the stuff you steal from here? The most impressive part of owning a Yogi Berra World Series ring would be that it was Yogi Berra’s. Without being able to say that, what the fuck would the point be in buying it. Every once in a while we see a story of someone finding a pound of coke or something wild like that and just turning it in to the cops because what else would you do there? (I would sell it to a friend who sells coke, but thats just because there is a huge market for it.) Maybe there is a whole market for stolen baseball merchandise that we don’t know about. Some real Daniel Ocean shit going on over in Montclair.

PS: Yogi Berra is a good example of why getting old as a guy is a million times better that as a woman. Little old men are always happy and just happy to see people. Old women are just cranky bitches.