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Student Loan Company Sends Family 55,000 Copies Of The Same Letter All At Once

As if student loans weren't already enough of a pain in the ass... 

From CNN

A man from Twinsburg, Ohio, was expecting to receive a letter in the mail.

Instead, when Dan Cain went to the Twinsburg Post Office to find 79 bins of mail, each containing roughly 700 copies of the same letter addressed to him, he knew something was very wrong.

The letters were from the College Avenue Student Loan Company. The company had intended to send Cain and his wife a statement for a student loan they took out for their daughter's tuition

A US Postal Service spokeswoman said the delivery of 55,000 letters was uncommon.

Compounding the mistake, the 55,000 letters had an incorrect payment amount, according to Cain. The company used the wrong interest rate to calculate the payment, he said.

Going off bulk mail rates it's estimated the company spent up to $11K sending it all. Keeping in mind that I have zero business sense or professional experience in PR… If I were College Ave Student Loans & wanted some good press while I was in the spotlight I'd take $11K off this family's loans & make a spectacle of it. 

As for what they'll do with all those letters: 

"I just may start a fire, a bonfire, and burn it all," Cain said, laughing.

I'm sure a massive student loan mail bonfire would be cathartic for a lot of folks. Invite your neighbors with college-age kids, make it BYOL (bring your own loans), crack some crispy bois, and have yourself a night. (I don't have student loans because of the GI Bill but might show up with my Philly parking tickets just for fun.)