Does This Look Like The Face Of The Bench Help Danny Ainge So Desperately Wants?

Alright so it's a new day which means we have a new player that the Celtics are being linked to. The big thing about that tweet is the "if he gets bought out" part. Obviously that's the only way this could potentially happen since Evan Turner makes about $18.6M. You may remember it was Brad Stevens that got Turner that 4/70M deal in 2016, and honestly if you listen to what Ainge said the other day about making minor moves to upgrade his bench, I can understand the interest. Evan Turner is a player Brad already knows and trusts, he's familiar with the system, is versatile in terms, and would give that bench a solid veteran backup.

Outside of his inability to make a three, Evan Turner's two seasons in Boston weren't all that bad. He averaged 10/5/5 on 44/26% shooting in about 27.8 minutes a night in 163 games (69 starts). If you're telling me you can bring him in for a veteran minimum deal or something along those lines, I don't exactly hate it. There were absolutely times where he was frustrating offensively, but he's only 31 and hasn't really played this season so his legs should be fresh and I'm not sure there would be a better buyout guard option out there if that happens. 

Maybe you're of the thought that you would rather see those minutes go to someone like Carsen or Tremont, but we have to be realistic. Even if you believe in the potential of those two, you are better served in a playoff series with Evan Turner than you are a rookie. Especially when you factor in how Brad is able to get the most out of Turner. In 10 playoff games Turner put up 12/6.3/4.6/1.1 in 33 minutes a night, and the only thing that really scares me is the efficiency. He only shot 36/27% in his two playoff seasons in Boston, but at the same time the current bench situation already can't score so it's not like things could get worse. Plus with how injured this team is all the time it gives Brad another solid veteran he can make spot starts with. Deep down I want to save this spot for a legit shooter, but if that player isn't out there you could certainly do worse. 

Plus, Evan Turner is a quote machine. I feel like he would gel perfectly with the good vibes of this team, and honestly getting postgame Turner quotes back in our lives would be pretty great. He's going to be looking for that next contract this summer, and if the Celts are seriously in play you have to think he'd be willing to let Brad work his magic a second time and get his value as high as possible so he can cash in with some other team in what is going to be a weak free agent class.

As long as it's a buyout deal you could absolutely talk me into this, because while Evan Turner may not blow your dick off, he is a solid bench player who has certainly had his moments as a member of this team