White Sox Food Is The Best In Baseball And I Will NOT Be Told Otherwise

I got a beef with starting 9 right now, no pun intended with a popular with at Barstool Chicago.  

Look, the White Sox are a nobody franchise, at least on a national scale.  I know that, you know that, and all White Sox fans know that.  We don't give a fuck though.  We where wear our secondary status like a badge of fucking honor, and there are 1 billion things you can criticize or make fun of the White Sox about.  

But I will be GODDAMNED if you talk shit about or disregard our food.  I haven't been to a single other park in Starting 9's tweet, either. But I don't need to go to any of them to know that Comiskey Park Field at the US Cellular G-Spot is every bit as good as they are, if not better, in the food department.

Even Cubs fans know that:

But don't take it from me or take it from Cubs fans, take it from empirical evidence:

Per Review Trackers:

It's just a goddamn travesty that Sox Park wasn't listed.  Look at these fucking pictures!!!

Goddamnit I cannot wait for opening day.  There's NOTHING better than walking into Sox Park and getting smacked in the face with a waft of grilled onion smells and aromas.  Oh, and if you're into craft beer, Sox has it in spades:

This is a god's honest, 100% true to the core recommendation from me to you - if you are a fan of a non-Chicago baseball team that happens to be playing the Sox this summer, take a long weekend and come catch the series.  You can tailgate, get cheap tickets and eat some of the best stadium food in the country in the best summer city on the planet.  You won't be disappointed.