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A Pro Soccer Goalie Is About To Be Cut Because He Was Partying Too Much After He Broke Up With His Model Girlfriend

[Source] - LORIS KARIUS is set to be dropped by Besiktas as the club believe the Liverpool loanee has been partying too much, according to reports.

Fotospor claim that the German's lavish lifestyle after his recent split from girlfriend Sophia Thomalla has affected his performances on the pitch.

This might be the most relatable thing out there. Who among us didn't start partying after a breakup? It doesn't matter if you dump the person or if you get dumped. You get out of a long term relationship, you start partying. That's just breakup 101. The difference is most of us aren't professional goalies who pretty much got booted from Liverpool and then start stinking at Besiktas. 

Also, can you blame him? His ex-girlfriend looks like this: 

How are you supposed to be stopping shots when this is on your mind? Go think of your worst breakup and now multiple it by 100. I don't blame this dude one bit for sucking. You gotta take a personal leave or something or make up an injury to get over the breakup and then come back. 

Safe to say he is 100% not winning that breakup.