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If You Raised $1.2M In 24 Hours, What Game Would You Have Remastered?

[Editor's Note: This is another guest blog from prospective Gaming blogger, @UnfilteredNerd, who knows his stuff and then some.  Go and give him a follow.]

I know what you’re thinking: “what the fuck is The Wonderful 101 and how in the world did it raise $1.2M.” The answer? I have no fucking clue. If you look up a gameplay video, it looks like this game is a Pikmin rip-off but instead of the weird plant looking aliens they used the cast of PJ Masks (shout out to all the parents out there that know what PJ Masks is) (double shoutout to all the nerds out there that know what the fuck Pikmin is).

Initially, I just kinda glossed over this story but then I started to ask myself: what games would I help crowdfund to get remastered and brought to current-gen consoles? Well, here’s my list:


How this has not happened yet still blows my fucking mind. I mean, we got a CoD 4 remaster a few years ago (that Activision conveniently made exclusive only to players that bought Infinite Warfare, then released as a standalone title less than a year later like an asshole). This should already be a given. And no, don’t give us a “soft reboot” MW2 like last year’s installation. Give me Soap and Roach racing down the mountain in snowmobiles. Give me the opportunity to throw that fucking throwing knife into Shepard’s eye again for *chokes up* taking Ghost away from me. And give me a UMP 45 and akimbo Model 1887’s again so I can run around the Favela absolutely wrecking kids and nuking servers. Make it happen.


Ok, I’m cheating a little here because this game was already remastered once but that was on the DS. I want this shit on my Switch so I can play it on the subway or in an Uber to work. Again, why has this not already happened? Is Nintendo allergic to money? Do they not realize that by just remastering this game slightly and re-releasing it on Switch that it will sell millions of copies? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Odyssey. In fact, I would love to see Sunshine get remastered as well. But this game is one of the all-time greats and I shouldn’t have to pull out my nasty grimy N64 to play it again.


Unpopular opinion: I think Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 was WAY better than 2. I mean, you got to unlock and skate around as Wolverine and Darth Maul. 13-year-old me was in fucking heaven. Add to it a bunch of cheats and crazy shit you could do and this was one of the best games of my childhood. So, why not remaster all 3 or 4 of these games, turn them into a collection, and bathe in the money that will come flooding your way? Sounds like the perfect plan to me Activision.


I will never forgive EA for what they did to this series. All they had to do was take the exact same game, update the graphics, and the new characters from the sequel trilogy, and boom everyone is happy. But no, they had to fuck everything up with this “Battlefield, but in Star Wars” bullshit that is zero fun to play. Oh, and both of the new games were unplayable on release day. Oh, and they tried to take all your money with microtransactions with the 2nd one. Oh, and EA CAN EAT A BIG GIANT BAG OF DICKS. 


I played the absolute fuck out of this game in high school and I know I’m not the only one. It’s the perfect zombie shooter; not too realistic, but not too cartoony either. A ton of games have come and gone trying to match it, but none of them lived up to the high bar set by Left 4 Dead 2. There’s very little chance this will ever happen since Valve is just raking in money with Steam, but I can dream…

That’s my top 5. What’s yours?


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