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Power Move Alert: Gas Station Employee Steals Over $17,000 Worth Of Merchandise On His First Shift


HAMDEN, Conn. (AP) — Police in Connecticut are trying to identify a man they say got a job at a gas station and proceeded to steal $17,000 worth of merchandise and cash on his first, and only, solo overnight shift before disappearing.

The man also stole his employment folder, which contained his personal information, so the store’s owner does not even know the worker’s name, Hamden police said in a statement Tuesday.

What an absolute power move to ransack your new job on the first day. Such a power move that quite frankly I can't help but root for the guy.

He must've emptied out that gas station. Seventeen THOUSAND dollars. I didn't even know that there was enough merchandise in a gas station to make up $5,000, much less $17,000. I wonder how much of a dent he actually made into the inventory now.

Also, a sneaky smart move to steal the employment folder. Now the owner doesn't even know the guy's name and all they have to track him is the surveillance footage. A much better plan than just busting into some random convenience store and holding up the place. No, start from the inside and get ahead of everything. 

I'm sorry but I'm absolutely DYING to know how much the inside of a gas station is worth now. $20,000? $30,000? More? Less? I don't know. Every google search just tells me how much it costs to buy a gas station and I'm not satisfied with that information. I want to know how much all those cosmic brownies and the gallons of Mountain Dew are worth, you know, the important stuff.

The owner told investigators he used an app on his cellphone to view the store security cameras and noticed that the new employee had left.

The owner went to the store and determined that the worker had stolen lottery tickets, 89 boxes of cigarettes and money worth a total of more than $17,000. The employment file was also missing.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect in a surveillance image released by police is asked to contact investigators.

Ahhhh, I forgot about all the stuff behind the counter. I assume he was just stealing actually lottery numbers, not scratch-offs. Imagine the scenes if he just sad there all night rifling off scratch-offs behind the counter. Probably would've won a decent amount of money but I guess he stole actual money from the store anyway, so it doesn't really matter. 

Say whatever you may about the man but I can't help but slightly root for him. Not because he's a spectacular human being or anything but because I like how orchestrated this was. He was one step away from the perfect crime…

Cameras. I mean, how do you not account for the cameras. He had the in, he could've shut them off and gotten away scotfree from this whole thing. But no, he'll probably get caught now and go to jail. Hopefully, he has that money tucked away somewhere so that the feds don't get it. 

All I can say now is godspeed random gas station employee, godspeed.