Karl-Anthony Towns Seems None Too Pleased With The Timberwolves Trade Last Night

Last night we saw the biggest trade in the NBA since Patrick Ewing was traded from the Knicks. With 12 players being moved we haven't seen anything like that in the league since Ewing went to Seattle in 2000. That's a cool 20 years. It may not have been as sexy as what was being thrown around during the day with names like D'Angelo Russell and Andrew Wiggins, but it was still a massive trade that in my mind was just the first step to more moves. None of those teams are done which is why those fanbases should be on high alert. 

But you know who doesn't seem thrilled with what the Wolves are doing? Only their most important player Karl-Anthony Towns. That IG story suggests he has no fucking idea what the Wolves are doing and I don't blame him. Imagine how he feels, going from potentially playing with one of your best friends in DLo while also getting rid of a guy you probably hate in Wiggins, now he's left with no DLo, no point guard, and Andrew Wiggins still on the roster. Maybe things can change in the coming days, but at the moment this is not exactly the reaction you want from your franchise player. My question is, are they not telling KAT about these moves before they make them? Could the MIN front office be that brain dead? Things are already bad enough in MIN at the moment, the last thing they should be doing is making moves that are only gong to disgruntle their franchise talent.

Maybe Jarrett Culver can fill in as the point guard until something else happens, and Malik Beasley is a solid bench piece that a ton of teams would have liked to have, but that only makes sense if the Wolves are going to pay him in RFA. Remember, KAT signed that extension with the quickness so he could secure his bag, and he's only 1 year into that deal, but it does feel like we're getting to the point where he's going to demand a trade regardless of what his contract looks like. Granted maybe he shouldn't be throwing stones when he's like 0-16 in his last 16 games played, but it does feel like we're at a boiling point with one of the premiere big men talents in the league. 

I'm just happy social media exists so we can get these real time reactions from players as shit goes down. No sugarcoating, no nothing, and if the best player your franchise has seen since KG has no fucking clue what his team is doing at the deadline, we're all going to know about it. That's what makes staying up way too late on a school night worth it in my opinion.