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A Goddamn Police Chase Broke Out On The Chiefs Super Bowl Parade Route Before It Kicked Off In Kansas City

The perfect crime DOES exist! You know that scene in Die Hard With A Vengeance when the little punk New York kid gets stopped for shoplifting and tells McClane that you could steal City Hall because all the cops were busy running around the city trying to find that bomb in a school?

Well this is clearly the real life version of that. Nobody in the entire state of Kansas Missouri was thinking about anything but the Super Bowl parade for their beloved Chiefs. From the cops working crowd control to the businessmen taking a long lunch while wearing their Chiefs jersey to the kids playing hooky from school. You could have walked into any bank of your choice in the greater Kansas City and taken as much money as you wanted and nobody would have been none the wiser until they sobered up from tomorrow's parade hangover. Instead these idiots in a car did the one thing you couldn't do (drive through a parade barrier), which instantly gave them 2 GTA Wanted Stars and ruined it for all the other crooks in KC looking to pull a Kansas City Shuffle while the rest of the state was focused on what type of sheanigans Travis Kelce was doing on a float. Unbelievable.

Or maybe.....