Dwight Howard Gave A Heartbreaking Interview About Kobe, Confirmed He Was Going To Help At The Dunk Contest This Year

There might not be two guys that have gone full circle more than Kobe and Dwight Howard. It's kind of crazy to think they only spent one season together. They seemed linked for so much longer than that whether it was Kobe calling him soft, Dwight failing in round 1 in LA or whatever. So seeing the two of them make amends sort of brought it all together. Remember at their peaks they were All-NBA players. Dwight was that dude when he was in Orlando and pairing a couple Hall of Famers always makes news. 

It would have been awesome seeing Kobe and Dwight do something during the Dunk Contest. Kobe was the prototypical All-Star Game player. His ability to get buckets, athleticism, all that just really highlights during a game like this. So having him out there as Dwight Howard is good again and competing in the dunk contest for the first time in 11 years would have been awesome. 

Like I said, Dwight is a Hall of Famer. I think a lot of people forget what he did in Orlando before he struggled for a few years. He was the best big in the game. He was a 5x All-NBA 1st Team. He made 2nd/3rd Team All-NBA 3 more times. He was 3x Defensive Player of the Year and made the All-Defense team 5 times. That's what makes this whole revival pretty unreal to see. But listening to him talk about Kobe for the first time is, as he says, heartbreaking.