Wake Up With Highlights Of Wondergirl Carly AKA The Greatest Flag Football Player Ever

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be on The Rundown with Pres and Big Cat where we talked about the kid from the NFL 100 Super Bowl commercial being a freak superathlete amongst other things. While everyone knows Dave and Dan for being funny, they are also living, breathing encyclopedias for great internet moments like Wondergirl Carly, who I must admit I did not know about before yesterday even though I consider myself no slouch on internet history. 

But just as they said, Carly is the GOAT despite her highlights being taped in 1991 with a giant unregistered watermark smack dab in the middle of it. So for anyone else who was uneducated in Wondergirl Carly, enjoy those two videos of a child version of High Pup Warner Dave Portnoy x High School Sam McGuffie x USC Reggie Bush x Every Video Of Barry Sanders along with this bonus basketball highlight reel I found while looking for these videos for the blog.