Dude Divorces His Wife Hours After Getting Married When The Bride's Ex-Boyfriend Sends The Groom Naked Pictures Of Her In A Flower Bouquet

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Daily Mail- A newlywed husband divorced his wife before they could even consummate their marriage after her ex sent him compromising photos of her. The couple had been wed only hours when the groom was passed a memory stick containing the pictures hidden in a bouquet of flowers. A note told him to look at the contents of the device and, when he did, he found the photographs of his new wife, laid bare and in intimate circumstances. ‘It was truly the shock of his life and he could not bear the scandal.’ Sheikh al-Shammari said the bride’s former lover had days earlier tried to blackmail her into staying with him, threating to reveal their relationship if she refused. She told him to get lost, telling him she was to be married and that she wanted to start a new life, become a mother and raise a family. But her scheming ex-partner found out where the marriage was to be held, bought the bouquet and concealed the memory stick with her pictures inside.

First of all, that’s some James Bond blackmail shit there.  Showing up to your ex-girlfirend’s wedding with a memory stick of naked pictures of her is psycho enough.  But then to put said memory stick into a bouquet of flowers and have it given to the groom is full blown serial killer/I have bodies in my basement shit.

Second, and this is the important part, does anybody else see this as a problem going forward?  Because you should.  This wasn’t the first case of a chick busting it open for her ex, getting pictures taken/making a sex tape and then having that shown to a future boyfriend (or in this case, husband) and having it blow up in their face.  In the past, before cell phone cameras and the internet, people would have past relationships that would go undocumented.  No harm no foul.  Well not any more.  That night your girlfriend got wild and crazy with her boyfriend a few years ago are out there.  And what’s the last thing any guy wants to see?  Exactly.  His girlfriend getting wild and crazy with her ex-boyfriend.  Weddings in the social media/every-phone-is-a-camera era should be interesting.

Think about it this way.  Political races in the future are going to be a fucking shit show.  You think political mud slinging is bad now?  We haven’t seen anything yet.  Just wait until the Twitter generation of YouTube commentors and bloggers grow up and start running for office.  People’s political opponents will be like, “Remember that one time you commented on a Miley Cyrus music video with ‘She’s such a basic bitch #TurnDown4What’?  Explain to those in attendance what you meant by that.”  And so on and so forth.  That shit never goes away.  If I tried to get into politics at one point in the future (never would, too smart) I’d get thrown out immediately as the Camel Toe Congressman.  It’s the same with relationships.  Getting crazy one night, taking pictures and then all of the sudden those pictures show up years down the line in your husband’s bouquet of flowers on your wedding night.  The future is going to be a fucking weird place.