Tom Izzo Wants To Fight 'That Freakin' Twitter' Because He's Sick Of Despicable MSU Fans Abusing His Players

So this was last night after Michigan State lost a home game to Penn State. Is it a bad loss? No, not really. Penn State is actually good this year. They are putting themselves in position to be a top-4 seed in the NCAA Tournament. However, it's perceived bad because 1) it was at home and 2) It followed the loss at Wisconsin when Wisconsin was missing its backcourt. Not exactly a great recipe for a team that a lot of people thought were heavy favorites to win the title this year. Plus, Big 10 teams aren't losing at home this year. 

Now, there's a 100% chance people are tweeting at Michigan State players and saying shit. That's typical in college sports and sports in general. But there was nothing that really triggered this per se. Nothing went viral. Nothing was said before. So I have no problem with Izzo sticking up for his guys. Especially when his best player Cassius Winston played really the only good game yesterday but missed a FT to tie the game with 10ish seconds left. 

That said I can't stop laughing at him throwing out the 3.7 GPA. It has a bit Mike Gundy I'm 40 feel to it. I'm pretty sure no one cares about GPA's. Pretty sure they care more about figuring out the 4 spot and getting more consistent play from someone like Rocket Watts, Gabe Brown or Aaron Henry. Maybe Xavier Tillman can make a layup at Wisconsin. Just guessing that those are what the fans care about more than a 3.7. 

At the same time I do love the move of offering to buy those tickets. I actually support coaches doing that. Hey, you don't like what you're seeing? Fine. Here's $300 for the tickets, go chill on the couch. Obviously it's weird when it comes to criticizing college athletes. I do think you can criticize them, like they are playing a competitive sport. However, you're a complete loser if you tag them to talk shit and abuse them. Don't be that guy or gal. 

As for Michigan State itself, they need to figure out what to do at the 4 spot. They are missing Matt McQuaid and Kenny Goins more than anyone really predicted. Most notably they are missing Goins ability to make a play from the top of the key and let Nick Ward (in this year Tillman) play down low more 1v1. Malik Hall showed a flash of being able to do that in the 2nd half against Seton Hall. Marcus Bingham might be getting there, but still is too inconsistent. That's the biggest thing missing with this team.