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Checking In On Louisville: Fired Dance Team Coach Accidentally Shoots Himself At A Baseball Team Event, Gets Banned From Campus - Says It's All #FAKENEWS

[Source] - WAVE 3 News has confirmed through various law enforcement sources that a man who shot himself in the leg during a UofL Baseball event back in January was identified as former University of Louisville Ladybirds dance coach Todd Sharp.

Sharp was confirmed at the Marriott Downtown on January 24th, where the UofL Baseball team was hosting their Leadoff Dinner. It was unclear if Sharp was there attending the dinner or was there for other matters. Police reported an incident on January 24th where a man had accidentally shot himself in the calf and was transported to University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Just wanted to do a quick check in on our friends over at Louisville. Former dance coach and reality TV star who was fired because he allegedly was stealing money from the team's account, then accidentally shot himself with a gun at an event for the baseball team. So far all checking out like Louisville. But wait there's more! He then became banned from Louisville events and really the campus. But don't worry, let's check in with old Todd here: 

Perfect. Just the exact sort of tweet I expected to see here. I am confused about what's all fake here. Clearly he shot himself on accident, that's real. Clearly he was fired, that's real. I guess what he got fired for might be considered the fake? I do love the #NotMyAD. I never understood that hashtag, which is used on every platform. He's clearly not your AD - you got fired. 

Good news is he followed it up with an exclusive interview saying he wouldn't hurt the AD, so that's comforting

He claims he got the gun after his house was broken into and forgot that it was in his pants as he was going to the event at a Marriott. Now, I'm not going to pretend to know the ins and outs of guns because I don't. But I feel like you should remember or feel if you have a gun in your pocket. If you do happen to forget, maybe be a bit more cautious as you're going to put it into a bag so it doesn't fire and go directly into your leg. 

Here's the real thing. Does Todd Sharp not to do the standard male routine? Pat your pockets to feel cell phone, wallet, keys, out the door. If you do that routine you feel a gun. Boom problem solved right there. Seems like the easy solution honestly. 

I love Louisville. Guaranteed win every year in hoops, content for days and a football team gives up school records. Very little brother of them.