UK Kicking Miss. State's Ass Proved This - You're An Absolute Moron Who Doesn't Pay Attention If You Still Think Cal Can't Coach

That man right there, with the extreme athleticism, deserves all the credit in the world. Even from you. Even from the person who thinks he just rolls the balls out there since he has a bunch of highly-touted recruits. No, that would be what's happening at Duke when Coach K just let Zion do his thing. Instead you're an absolute moron if you're not paying attention to what Calipari and his staff have done as a coach this season. 

Let's start with the development of Nick Richards. The man is your SEC Player of the Year. The man is an All-American and currently having the best season as a true big out of anyone not named Luka Garza. Richards has developed a consistent outside shot, running pick and pops, getting free on different sets for that jumper from the elbow. All he did was hit one last night to put a pin in Mississippi State's run.

 Oh that's right. Kentucky beat Mississippi State again last night because Coach Cal quite literally never loses to Mississippi State. Can't blame him. Sorry Brandon Walker. 

Let's talk about that game quick. Let's talk specifically about what John Calipari did to Reggie Perry. Cal drew up just an absolute beauty defensive scheme. Something your coach wouldn't do for sure considering Reggie Perry has been dominating everyone. Cal threw a bunch of different looks on Perry. He doubled the post. He played single. He threw a big on big double. He ran zone. He laughed because he knew he outcoached Ben Howland and put on a goddamn show yet again this year. It was similar to what he did to Michigan State and Cassius Winston in the ball screen back in game 1.

And how about him getting EJ Montgomery in the right mindset last night? The dude has been a complete bust this year it appears. Then in the game they needed him the most what did he do? Out play Reggie Perry. Dropped 12 and 8 with 3 steals and a block. He doesn't have to be MVP of games, but he needs to be consistent. Cal got him there. He put him in ISO mid post vs the low post so he could take his one dribble and get to his hook shot. 


So hate to break it to everyone who refuses to give Cal credit. He's stuffing you in a locker. While other big names out there are failing to live up to expectations (again), here's Cal getting his team to develop as the year goes on. Nobody in the game gets judged harsher than Cal. Nobody in the game gets talked about by people who have no idea what the hell is even going on. He's just going to keep drawing up defensive schemes and shutting down your best player.