Watch This Woman's Brain Break When She Tries To Take Her Vote Back After Finding Out Mayor Pete Is Gay

Source - Pete Buttigieg seemed to lose at least one supporter during this week's caucusing in Iowa, and it's all because the woman found he was gay AFTER she cast her vote.

Check out this video from Monday night when a caucus-goer from the city of Cresco in Howard County learns Mayor Pete is, in fact, married to a man ... which came as news to her after she'd already cast her ballot for him. She asks if she can take her vote back.

It's unclear if the woman was able to change her vote in the end, but it's pretty crazy to see that her way of thinking is alive and well and can literally be THE difference-maker.

Jesus Christ. Tough look for the great state of Iowa. Here's how the conversation would've went if I was in charge...

"Are you saying he has a same sex parter?!"


"Are you kidding?"

"Nope! And guess what? They have sex! Gay sex! I'm talking P in A, lady. They were sent here by the devil to corrupt our youth and your vote ensures that they'll be able to do that... 

Then I would've proceeded to take out my phone, pull up the most extreme PornHub scene I could find, and scar her for life. By the way, if anyone knows who this SAINT of a woman is, please et me know…

That's the exact type of person you want in these situations. Calm, cool, and collected. Every answer she gave was perfect. And let's not forget our ally in the purple. Her silence was the loudest thing in the room. I guess it's just mind blowing that these people exist. Like, that woman actually believes what she says. She thinks that because she voted for a gay man, who she like five seconds earlier, the country is going "down the toilet." It's a bizarre logic and one that I'll never be able to wrap my head around. If you're reading this now, send her a prayer. She needs all the help she can get. 

PS: I've been wanting to use that Lizzo video for like a year. Glad it finally happened. Silver linings.