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Jeff Bauman And Carlos Arredondo Had Pretty Good Seats At The State Of The Union Last Night

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WASHINGTONA Boston Marathon bombing victim who lost both legs in the attack and his rescuer sat in Michelle Obama’s box Tuesday night as the president delivered his annual State of the Union speech. They were not recognized by the president, nor did Obama mention the April 15 attack, which killed three and injured more than 260 people. While Jeff Bauman, the 27-year-old bombing victim who lost his legs, and Carlos Arredondo, his 53-year-old rescuer, sat with Michelle Obama, Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau, whose department helped apprehend the second bombing suspect, attended the speech as the guest of Senator Edward J. Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat. “We’re here to represent the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the city of Boston, and many other people,” Arredondo said in a telephone interview Tuesday. “We have to remember the many survivors who are dealing with surgeries and trauma and many who are dealing with the loss of loved ones. It’s still a healing process.”



I’m not much for the “This is how you know we’re going to hell in a hand basket…” hyperbole, but you know what’s ridiculous? How little mention these guys got. You know who I heard about all day and night on Twitter yesterday? Know who deserved the mention as a State of the Union guest? The fucking Duck Dynasty dude…


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And look, I’m not the first guy to say, “We pay too much attention to celebrities and not enough to our heroes.” That drums been beaten often. However, I do understand it sometimes. I don’t agree with it, but I understand it. With most of our heroes overseas, “out of sight, out of mind” can set in. I can’t stress enough that I don’t agree with it and it sucks, but it is human nature and I’d be lying if I said I’ve never fallen victim to it. We all have. However, when heroes and reality stars are in the same room, let’s maybe try and give those who really matter the shine. When Carlos Arrendondo, Jeff Bauman, Chief Ed Deveau and Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg are rubbing elbows with the FLOTUS, let’s tweet and share a “Thank you” to them rather than “OMG did you see that redneck fuck is there! So cool!”


PS – Arredondo looks suave as fuck. No other way to put it, the guy cleans up good.