I Accidentally Ordered A 78 Year Old Woman Named 'Cora' On Amazon's New Dating App

"Amazon Dating" popped up on my (VERIFIED and freshly UNBLOCKED) Twitter a couple times this afternoon and I was curious for totally non-personal reasons... so I clicked & went down a rabbit hole. It appears to have been up since December & they seem to be making more of a push for it now as we near Valentine's Day... 

The site is setup like the regular Amazon but instead of 40lb boxes of cat litter & bulk candy orders like we all usually get, it's a bunch of lovely people.

There are 'Best Sellers', 'Amazon's Choice', and when you click you can learn more about them... Today's 'Deal of the Day' was Teddy, who will leave you a voicemail every time:

If you click the tabs it takes you to other sites as well. The 'Your Last Relationship' tab takes you to YouTube for Britney Spears' Toxic video, 'Don't See What You're Looking For' takes you to Netflix, and 'Help' takes you here:

And in my final browsing I accidentally placed an order for 78 year-old Cora, who I'm very much looking forward to because she seems like a cat lady, too. 

Looking at social media posts from the people actively listed on the site 'for sale' besides the olds & fakes, it's all UX designers, TikTokkers, filmmakers, photographers, & generally hip creative types. 

Though I'm also a creative (ehhh), the 'cool' boat set sail without me long ago. Unfortunately that didn't stop me from trying to make a profile. 

I doubt they'll be in touch seeing as I'm extremely out of touch already, but I love wacky stuff like this. It's from the brains over at Thinko Animation Studio & all in good fun until, as they say, the cease & desist from the real Amazon comes through... 

I highly recommend sending the link to a friend today to see if they believe it, or just going to browse the profiles & tabs (like 'Legal') for yourself because all sorts of fun surprises pop up.


Still holding out hope for Cora though.