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My Goals as a New Barstool Hire

Since I’ve announced I was working for Barstool, I’ve received a ton of great/supportive comments saying I’m “just KB’s friend from home” and that I’ve "ridden his coattails to this job". This is me going on the record saying those comments are only half-true, as KB and I have NEVER been friends. We may be from the same small town, and have gone to the same schools, but we just  “knew of” each other at best. He and I just didn’t have the same interests. While I was focused on building lifelong friendships, finding skills I excelled at, and hobbies I enjoyed, Kyle was always walking briskly through the halls, arms pinned to his side, staring directly at the ground, unblinking.

I did however, absolutely, shamelessly ride his coattails;  jumping at the chance to help him design his map projects via Twitter DM. But I am my own person, and refuse to be a KB clone.

The following are a few personal goals of mine as a new Barstool employee:

Reinventing myself

My entire life I have been Nicholas/Nick (the name given to me at birth). I feel as if this new career/new city/new life in general gives me the opportunity to rebrand myself. Maybe I’ll start going by my initials, or change my Twitter picture.

Become friends with my peers

I’ve never been great at first impressions, and need to find a way to break the ice with some coworkers. Over the past couple days I have had this folder on my desk in hopes it acts as a conversation starter (“Hey NT, what's in that folder?”, “Yo NT! Lovin' the folder!"). Not only does it act as an icebreaker, its contents inside show I’m a regular dude, trying to go that extra mile to learn about my new officemates.

Share Important Data

Semi topical example: With Mr. Peanut undeservingly being propelled into superstardom, I feel like it’s my responsibility to say, Mr. Peanut is a subpar corporate mascot. If you step back and take a look you can see that there are 3 essential traits a successful logo has: neckwear, an accessory, and maybe most importantly, bald. When looking at the Americas most trusted brands you can see that  and NONE meet all 3, other than Bic’s “Bic Boy”, and one of my goals is to give him the recognition he rightfully deserves.

Sip the Thick Water
I started a week too late. Call it a morbid curiosity. I know I won’t like it, and I know I’ll puke, but this is just something I have to do.
EDIT - Had the pleasure to check this one off the list. Awful goal.

In all seriousness I'm excited to get started and really get to work. Real happy to be here.