We Have A Real Life Rafiki And Simba Situation In South Africa


I would ask the Disney Company to take my money and make this into a feature film, but they already have done that twice. I still can't get enough. It's absolutely adorable. Makes me want to go watch the Lion King all over again. 

As much as I love it this is just further proof that we are entering a Planet of The Apes era. I mean you think this Baboon just had the idea to adopt, care for, and teach a young lion cub how to come of age? No chance. That guy definitely AT LEAST saw posters from last summer, but more likely than not just perched up to a window and watched the entire length of the film. You might think that is ridiculous but we live in an age where Chimps are fishing and Orangutans are spear fishing. If you think they're doing that stuff and not enjoying feature length animated films featuring their own kind then I don't know what to tell you. Either way, just an absolutely incredible video. Give me all the animal tandems today.