HOF Voter Who Didn't Vote For Jeter To Remain Anonymous Like A BITCH


The lone baseball writer who did not vote for Derek Jeter for the Hall of Fame chose to keep his or her ballot private.

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America released the ballots of 315 Hall voters on Tuesday, and all public ballots included the longtime New York Yankees captain.

Jeter was on 396 of 397 ballots in voting announced Jan. 21, elected along with slugger Larry Walker. They will be inducted into the Hall at Cooperstown on July 26 along with catcher Ted Simmons and late players’ association head Marvin Miller, who were elected by the modern era committee in November.

What a fucking PUSSY.  Look dude I'm the last guy to defend Derek Jeter.  It's not an opinion that he was one of the worst short stops in history, it's a stone cold statistical fucking fact and I hate that the media sucked him off for as long as they did.  An argument could even be made that 10 other guys should have been voted in ahead of him this year.  Not a strong one, but an argument nonetheless.

But at the same time that's me grasping at straws to a small extent.  But I don't care about Derek Jeter even.  I care about this BITCH choosing to remain anonymous.  SHOW YOUR FACE YOU GODDAMN COWARD.  Take the death threats in stride.  Good chance nobody will show up to your apartment wielding a cougar magnum to go Jesse Pinkman on your ass.  Just troll the fuck out of them.  Have fun with it.  The HOF voting process can't be a bigger joke than it already is anyways, and there is nothing better than pissing off a fanbase that has had so much success, yet is so goddamn insecure about their golden boy.  

There isn't even a difference between 99% and 75% of the vote, once a player is in the Hall, he's in.  So who even cares in the end. But to not vote for him and then not have the balls to come out and show your face?  Fuck outta here.  Tell the world why.  We all wanna know your justification.  Who knows, perhaps it's a good one?  Like I said, it absolutely can be.  But don't stay anonymous because you're afraid of a few gabagool greaseball Yankee fans.  Just my two cents.