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Donald Rumsfeld Said "Fuck it, I don't know if my taxes are right either"

So today is tax day. And if you haven’t filed your taxes, you’re probably fine because I imagine most people don’t. Really, I can’t imagine most people I bump into on the Metro file their taxes. Because they are the most confusing, bizarre things in the world. A million different forms asking for all sorts of info, none of which makes sense. And that’s coming from me. I have like nothing besides this one job. No investments, no stocks, no nothing. And taxes still sucked the ever living life out of my soul.

I really cannot begin to figure out how people did taxes before the internet. It doesn’t make sense to me. How did they know what to do? Did everyone use an accountant? How did the accountant know what to do? What even are taxes? Where do they come from? How did taxes get to be the taxes they are today? There are 5,000 loopholes and 10,000 different pieces of paper and codes and all sorts of other shit I can’t even begin to comprehend. You have to be a fucking magician with an IQ of 300 to get your taxes done properly.