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The New "No Rings" Damian Lillard Commercial is Fantastic


10/10 stars for this commercial. First, a Barry Sanders not smiling cameo is always a real treat. And it’s not even a bit he’s doing, he legitimately doesn’t smile, it’s not in his DNA makeup, he doesn’t know it’s a thing people do. Paired with a sad Karl Malone, and you have yourself a winning combo. I wonder if it bothers Malone that he never won a ring, meanwhile a guy like Robert Horry can bounce around the league and scoop up rings everywhere he went.

I always forget there’s some big time GOATs out there who never sniffed a ring/cup/world series. Must absolutely suck to be at the top of your game, but play for shitty, incoherent, sloppy franchises so you never get to the promised land and you’ll make a blogger miserable defending your shitty plus/minus until the cows come home.