Gritty Shows No Mercy, Plays Lockdown Defense And Takes A Couple Of Nuns To The Block Party

Take a seat, Mother Teresa! Gritty has risen. 

Fresh off of getting his name cleared from allegedly assaulting a 13-year-old kid, Gritty heads out to some catholic school and let's a couple of nuns get the business out on the court. 

Not up in Gritty's house! Get that weak shit out of here, Eleanor! Blocked her so hard so might have to convert after this. 

And I know the catholic church has had plenty of scandals throughout the years but how about these nuns just out here blatantly traveling in front of all these kids? Have they no shame? They better get their asses into confession after this because they're a couple of sinners. 

I'm just glad that Gritty was there to teach these kids a valuable lesson about how good will always overcome the evil in this world. Sinners don't stand a chance as long as you slap the floor and play some lockdown defense. The Church of Gritty is now in session. If only the Sixers could show that amount of effort on the road. 

P.S. - Wouldn't be surprised if Gritty filled up his water bottle with all the sacramental wine just to get a little buzz on before the game.